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Best Practices and Strategies in Creating Stimulating Learning Environments with the Use of Generative-AI Tools and ChatGPT in Master of Business Administration (MBA) Courses
Online learning changed the face of education globally, however, it still relied on the integrity of sound educational practices, strategies, and techniques. Upon the end of the Covid-19 Pandemic, there seemed to be a change in the supply and demand of technology as more people wanted more varieties of technology than ever before. Consequently, the use of Generative-AI known as Artificial Intelligence(AI) appeared in more venues than anticipated, along with certain types of AI tools, particularlyChatGPT. However, many in the online environment, as well as the traditional Face-to-Face(F2F) learning environments had reservations about the use of artificial intelligence in the classroom. In fact, some of the leading software databases used for detecting plagiarism started to incorporate components to detect AI usage in submissions by students. However not all schools would embrace the new component or its reporting tool, as they were not aware of the effect of AI tools and its impact on the student, faculty, and educational institution. The purpose of this paper is to look at how various best practices and strategies can be used to create a stimulating learning environment with the use of Generative-AI tools such as ChatGPT by students, as well as faculty. The central program area explored and examined in this presentation will focus on a key Master of Business Administration (MBA) program offered virtually to students around the world.While this program is shared between two major university in this given University System, the key emphasis is focused on the premise that online learning is just as academically vigorous and challenge as its counterparts with land-basis educational institutions. Consequently, this paper will examine the impact of this newer technology on the teaching faculty with some indication of how certain teaching methodologies do impact the adult, non-traditional learner.Further, it should be noted that faculty members need to be more aware of the use of changing AI technology and tools. In fact, both faculty and students need to be made aware of the purposes of artificial intelligence tools witha focus on the use ofthem as a potential brainstorming tool for assignments, groupassignmentsor other projects. This presentation will explore and examine various AI tools that are available, as well as presenting strategies for better understanding of AI in today’s online learning environment.While many educational institutions and business entities have rushed to utilizevarious AI technologies in their organizations, it should be noted that many of these key players have not thoroughly thought out the proper usage of AI technology.Consequently, this presentation will examinekey areas in today’s marketplace that may be lacking in terms of proper planning, training, implementation, and/or evaluative measures in place, but this will be another element of this presentation to help others to understand how AI can be useful, if properly applied and maintained.
Keywords: artificial intelligence, online learning, generative AI, chat GPT, best practices
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